Eric Forss
Eric Forss, Forsinvest

Eric Forss, owner and CEO.  Since the early nineties Mr Forss has held several positions as Managing Director, CEO and/or Chairman in public companies such as Alliance Oil Company, Alliance Repsol Oil and Gas JV, West Siberian Resources and Forcenergy. He has broad experience from public and private companies in for example energy, finance, media and real estate. Current assignments include WindForss Energy, Moving Image, and Gangsters Post.

Tomas Hellström
Tomas Hellström, Forsinvest, Eric Forss
Forsinvest, Eric Forss, Tomas Hellström

Tomas Hellström started his professional career on the trading floor of the Stockholm Stock Exchange. After a few years in investment banking, he joined Forsinvest in 1987. During almost thirty years with the company, Mr Hellström has held assignments relating to startups, financing, fund management, reorganizations, exits and divestments  in both private and public companies in sectors such as media, real estate, finance, energy  and manufacturing.