Forsinvest acts as partner and advisor to public and private Swedish and international companies. Since 1999, Forsinvest has teamed up with companies and entrepreneurs to provide and arrange expertise in order to develop people, companies and businesses in various stages of evolution throughout many industries.

Forsinvest offers qualified advice through long term partnerships and investments as well as specific assignments. Our team has extensive hands on experience from most aspects of company and business development and has held leading management positions for more than 25 years. Forsinvest’s services range from start-up services to high level advice to international public companies. Over the years, we have participated in many start-ups, business strategy-, development- and communication processes, negotiations, financing transactions, IPOs, M&A transactions, reorganisations and many other positive and negative situations that arise during the business life cycle. In parallel, we provide Family office services to the individuals behind the businesses and their families.

Forsinvest, Eric Forss, Tomas Hellström